An Ineffable Gift – The Seven Sisters

An ineffable gift is a documentary that has been a dream of mine for at least 2 or more years.

It began once I had grandchildrenl. *I wanted to fill in the missing blanks as to our family’s what, where, who, how & when questions.

My father & his side of the family were all jazz musicians & singers. So, while researching information about my grandmother, Sadie Goodson-Colar & her sisters, all traditional jazz, flat handed, pianists & singers; I found tons of material from Google.

A lot of material was written by a blogger Abby Z. She was getting a degree in folk lore. Her research started with My Aunt Ida Goodson & included history about her 5 sisters, who were all born in Pensacola, Florida. They played on the Mississippi riverboats;. The sistters names are Ida, Mabel, Della, Sadie, Edna, and Wilhemina (more commonly known as Billie Pierce), all subsequently had careers in either blues or jazz. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band often had one of the Goodson sisters playing keyboards.