Chia Seeds not just to grow plant hair!

Chia Seeds Benefits Include:

  • Contain Highest Plant Source Of Omega-3 On The Planet!
  • FDA Approved.
  • Heart Health ~ Mental Health & Digestive Health
  • Proven To Reduce the “Bad” (LDL) Cholesterol
  • Great For Diabetics & Effective For Treating Hyperglycemia.
  • Contain More Antioxidants Than Blueberries.
  • A Complete Protein With All 9 Amino-Acids.
  • An Excellent Source Of Calcium, Magnesium & Iron.
  • Chia Seeds Are 100% Natural, Raw, Non-GMO & Gluten-Free!
  • Chia Seeds are an effective aid to healthy weight loss.  The fiber rich chia seeds and slowly metabolized carbs can help to curb the appetite and has been shown to help lose weight when included with a balanced and healthy diet.

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